Sometimes our brain needs help.
    What we do is what we get.
    So, if we change our minds we can RE-ROUTE our NEURAL NETWORKS and change our behaviors!
Erich Engelhardt, an adolescent & addictions specialist, is a Licensed and Certified Drug and Alcohol counselor in the Boston, MA area.
      As a 
a Doctoral Candidate at Boston University, and senior clinician at High Point's CASTLE program in Brockton, he works with youth struggling with addictions. The utilization of evidence based practices, merged with
      the latest research findings, informs addiction treatment with a developmental style.  
      At CASTLE, know people are capable of amazing growth and change, and by acknowledging other people's potential we realize our own. Changing our brain, and theirs; empowering access to maximum potential!

The more we understand neurology and behavior, the more we control the´┐Żwaves of consequence.
      When we manage the waves, we control our life.

     - Erich Engelhardt
Do you find yourself doing the same things over and over?

      Do you tell yourself tomorrow is going to be different?

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